Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Terrorism: The Recipe For Humanity’s Extinction

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2015: My wandering through the potential battlefield, which makes up my small corner of our world, has rendered me war weary… fourteen years post 9/11, eventually, does take its toll on morale. Let’s not mince any words, here. When it comes down to terrorism, a warzone can erupt anywhere / anytime.

I do expect to die or become seriously wounded, someday, in some terrorist attack in the not too distant future. Under such dire circumstances, Patrick Henry’s words, “Give me liberty or give me death” have never, before, seemed so appropriate.

Considering how restoring liberty and sanity in our post 9/11 world has now become an utterly hopeless prospect, maybe… just maybe… the one and only thing that can liberate us is what liberates us from life? Perhaps, in killing us, terrorists are doing us a favor? I mean who the hell wants to co-exist amidst the foul, living hell they are serving up to us... now on a daily basis.    

FYI: For those who are unfamiliar with my blogging “style”, what follows is sarcasm. So, let’s wander off to see what’s “cooking” in our global “kitchen”…    

The Recipe for Humanity’s Extinction

STEP #1: Assemble the main ingredients. Either bastardized Christianity or mutilated Islam will suffice. Procure potential patsies / disciples (especially those in possession of intracranial, malleable gray clay).

STEP #2: Secure the proper mixing bowls / cauldrons. Either regimented terrorist cells or nonaffiliated lone wolf operations will do. They can be found in far off exotic lands and even in hometown neighborhoods… all across america. 

STEP #3: Whip up ingredients to form one hell of a smoldering, seething deadly concoction. Ensure you’re EITHER starting out with the pre-mixed “hearing voices in their heads” unfortunates (those suffering from a preexisting screwed up brain chemistry) OR, if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, try scrambling their brains by using external mind control. Speeding up this latter process are the “invaluable” catalysts such as the vomited talking points of slobbering knuckle-draggers such as…

A. Sanctimonious, pickpockets of the impoverished, charlatan televangelists.
B. Harebrained, hatemongering, fear mongering FOX talking head propaganda ministers.
C. All of 2016’s asinine, archconservative, xenophobic, GOP POTUS candidates.

Combining A, B or C in any permutation (even all of them) would prove most efficacious.

STEP #4: Arm to the teeth this no-bake recipe’s mixture of insurgents and pour out into the appropriate “vessel”. For best results try america’s debased, bullets flying, anything goes, NRA gun-sick society.

Yes… you read that right… this is totally no-bake because, if you’ve done everything “right”, the resultant embroiled tempers will provide more than enough “heat”.

STEP #5: Sit back and watch this terrorist batter rise up, before your very eyes, to endlessly batter their victims. Serve while piping hot!

Oh… BTW… be sure to serve with a Pepto-Bismol® chaser.

And, just to ensure all your bases are covered, do have the ERs and gravediggers, worldwide, on stand-by alert.

Needless to say… this is the recipe to die for... and we're cooked! Bon Appetite!

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